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Barf Bag Links

Visit also these fine establishments!

The Vomitorium by Graham Curran from England
Air Sickness Bag Virtual Museum! by Steve Silberberg from Texas, USA
Airsickness bags by Paul Mundy from Germany
Mike's World Wide Web of Barfbags by Mike Ismert from USA
Spucktüten - Airsickness Bags by Wolfgang Franken from Germany
Zio Guido's Air Sickness Bag by Zio Guido of Italy
Sick Bag Collection from Japan
b a r f O r a m a A Collection of Vomit Receptacles by Larry S. Nadon from California, USA
Rasmus' Barf Bags by Rasmus Møller Sørensen from Denmark
Brian's Barf Bags by Brian Monet from Sweden
Maxs Barfbag Page by Max Sammet
BARF BAG CENRTAL by Ernest Cox from Washington, USA
fmd's air and sea sickness bags collection by fmd from Italy
Vomit Bags! by Jak from Thailand
Sam's Airsickness Bags by Sam Green
Michael D. Cooper by Michael D. Cooper from California, USA
Daniel´s Airsickness Bags by Daniel Kahleyss
OHAYUNI'S Air Sickness Bag Web Page  by OHAYUNI from Japan
Air Sickness Bag Sammlung by Fredy Thürig from Schweiz
Airsicknessbags by Thomas Homer Goetz from Denmark
Marc Bowers Vomit Bags by Marc Bowers from UK
Mementos of Motion Discomfort by Gnarly
Collection of air sickness bags Sammlung von Spuckbeuteln
Needful Things by Bjørn Christian Tørrissen from Norway
Steves sickbag website by Stephen James from UK
Ken's Waterproof Airline Receptacle Collection (dead link...)
Andy's Sickbag Homepage by Andy from UK
Sick Bags by Frank Valoczy

Sickbag City by sickmaster*chasworld.freeuk.com from UK
http://www.kotztuete.de by german collector marcel*kotztuete.de site in German language
air sickness bag collections by kem*anoko.com in Japan
Jablos Kotztüten-Museum by Georg Jablonowski in Germany
Aisickness bags by Petr Manda from Czech Republic
Fred's airsickness bags by Frederic Courtay from Belgium
Bagland.de by  Alan Howlett from Germany
¯-_ inflight _-¯: by Christian Annyas from The Netherlands
www.bag-hobby.com by Chris Hays from the UK
Johnny's Barf Bags Web Site by
Yonatan Mevorach from Israel
Mal d’aria by Nicola Carmignani and Francesco Michienzi from Italy

Other related sites:

www.designforchunks.com a gallery of bags for designers by designers. Gallery three is now launched . . .
PBBT.COM Airline Acronyms
Get a good laugh about safety-on-board-cards!
The Airline Napkin Wipeoreum

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