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Barf Bag Links

Visit also these fine establishments!

Kelly's World of airsickness bags
a special passion for sickness bags
homers airsickness bags
the official web site of the AIPhKS
Baggists: Bob Grove
Anan's Airsickness Bags Collection
Ed Sluimer, Netherlands
fmd's AIR AND SEA SICKNESS BAGS collection
The Vomitorium by Graham Curran from England
Air Sickness Bag Virtual Museum! by Steve Silberberg from Texas, USA
Airsickness bags by Paul Mundy from Germany
Spuckt ten - Airsickness Bags by Wolfgang Franken from Germany
Michael D. Cooper by Michael D. Cooper from California, USA
Air Sickness Bag Sammlung by Fredy Thurig from Schweiz
Needful Things by Björn Christian Törrissen from Norway
Fred's airsickness bags by Frederic Courtay from Belgium

Mal d'Aria by Nicola Carmignani and Francesco Michienzi from Italy

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