R  u  n  e  '  s     B  a  r  f    B  a  g     C  o  l  l  e  c  t  i  o  n

Hall of Shame

These airlines makes life hard for us serious collectors by using generic barf bags or worse, carrying no bags at all. Please stay away from these airlines until they learn how to treat their passengers in a decent way!

  • American Airlines I been traveling with them between Sweden and USA in the summer 2000, they carry plain white bags only. I would have chosen another airline if I had known.
  • American Eagle, same thing as American Airlines, plain white bags.
  • Canadian Airlines are using the Winpack generic bag, it is not plain white but do miss airline logo and are used by more than one airline and therefore considered as a generic bag.
  • Alaskan Ward Air use the Winpack generic bag as well.
  • Iberia sometimes (not always) using the generic beige bag with clouds.
  • Tyrolian Airways also using the generic beige bag with clouds.
  • A special mentioning of Air France, I went with them from Stockholm to Paris to Morocco and back in 1999. No bags at all! That's four flights without bags! Not that the Air France bags is anything special but what if I really would need a bag? Should I puke directly in the seat pocket in front of me? Shame on you, Air France!
  • Aer Lingus Reported by Samuel Vasudaven: "Flew with them from Gatwick to Dublin and back and there were only a few sick bags on board the aircraft and they were PLAIN WHITE!"
  • Britannia Since they became part of the World Of TUI, their sick bags have so far been plain white ones...The same ones that Aer Lingus were using! Thanks Samuel V.
  • Swedish Skyways has migrated from those nice flower bags to plain white!
  • Norwegian Wideroe has skipped the if-bag and are now using the generic ugly-beige-with-clouds-Eurowings-bag!


Removal instructions:

If you are representing an airline and feel embarrassed by being found on this list - there is an easy way to get removed. Just follow these easy steps:

1. Equip all your aircrafts with nice, high quality, airsickness bags decorated with your colorful logotype and proper instructions in several languages.

2. Let me know when you are ready by sending a bag as proof.

3. I will immediately remove your entry.

Thank you!